Awakening to your Soul's Journey

About Anahaar

Ambassador for Change

Anahaar has been on her sacred path of spiritual unfolding for the past 37 years.
Her wisdom and insights from her life experiences and her total commitment to diving into the depth of her own soul makes her a wonderful spirit guide and teacher of consciousness.

A gifted intuitive counselor, using her abilities of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience to hone into her clients personal and business path bring tremendous clarity in their lives.
Some have called her a “Surgeon in the inner realms of consciousness”.

Her work combines an in-depth spiritual perspective into the emotional, physical and mental components of each person she guides.

Anahaar’s ability to connect with the limitless and infinite nature of your being allows you to shed old paradigms which then allows you to fulfill and continue to fulfill your dreams and the highest vision of your life.
Spiritual Practice - 1972
Clinical and Alchemical Hypnotherapist - Alchemical School of Hynotherapy since 1987.
Breathwork therapist – since 2002
Psychic and channeling skills – Mataare – renowed trance channel – 1982
Doctor of Metaphysics degree – Universal Life Church
Minister License for Marriage -
Reiki practitioner – Degree 1 and 2
Mandala work – Judith Cornell
Flower of Life/Earth Sky/Living in the Heart – Drunvalo Melchizadik   

Anahaar lives in Marin County for the past 26 years
With Ken, her partner in life,having raised 4 wonderful children together.
She has gathering for the Seasons with her community of friends.