Awakening to your Soul's Journey


Oh Anahaar I cannot express my gratitude enough for the deep work, support and love of our Courage to be a Woman group.I don't think I could have been in the wonderful state of compassion, surrender and forgiveness without the work I have done with you personally also. Thank you so much for holding such a big and loving space all these years.Love, Lisa W. I have been a client of Anahaar's for nearly 10 years. Working with her has produced a profound and positive impact in nearly every aspect of my life- personal, professional, family, and within my soul. Anahaar is a gifted spirit counselor, insightful psychological advisor, an empathetic listener and a powerfully intuitive guide . She brings awareness to what lies beyond the perception of the conscious mind. The results for me have been life-changing: deep insights into unconscious patterns of behavior and beliefs and a new understanding of the possibilities for self-expression and renewed belief in my ability to follow my own path and a reinvigorated romance with my wife. She is truly a gift to those of us lucky enough to have crossed her path.Scott- production company/ family man